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We uncover the history, legends and secrets of Alicante’s turbulent past. But we don’t just cover the past! Alicante also boasts a bustling cultural and gastronomic scene. We’ll keep you up to date on all the goings on and good places to eat, drink and dance the night away.


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Up until the XIX century, Alicante was a military city, an important gateway to the rest of Spain.Its strategic position has been crucial to its history and the reason why the city has been attacked so many times.However, the city of Alicante was never considered conquered until the Castle of Santa Barbara was officially taken.The Castle has been witness to invasions, uprisings, betrayals, explosions and imprisonments during its more than a thousand years of history.Join us and discover the Santa Bárbara Castle, a crucial part to understand the city and its history!


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Just a step away from the most touristic area of Alicante we find Santa Cruz neighborhood. A mystical neighborhood, with beautiful white houses and colorful flowers adorning the balconies. The wild, the traditional and the bohemian of Alicante mix up together just in a few streets. A few streets up at the Benacantil mountain which are unknown for both visitors and locals. During this tour we walk around the old town, around the most scenic neighborhoods in Alicante at nightfall. At night the streets are quiet, the silence can be breathe which bring us back to the ancient Alicante.


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We uncover the history, legends and secrets of Alicante’s turbulent past. But we don’t just cover the past! Alicante also boasts a bustling cultural and gastronomic scene. We’ll keep you up to date on all the goings on and good places to eat, drink and dance the night away.


En los tours privados podemos adaptar el tour a las necesidades del grupo. El tour del Casco Antiguo de Alicante es el que recomendamos como primer contacto con la ciudad, pero por favor, si tenéis peticiones específicas, hacérnoslas, podemos realizar tours con la temática que prefiráis.


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Alicante has a vibrant nightlife. Like Jekyll and Hyde Alicante gets completely wild on the weekends. Bachelorette parties, students, locals and international visitors, gather all together at night turning Alicante, the nice and peaceful city, into a madhouse.The Alicante Pub Crawl is the result of the union of the best hostels and tour providers in Alicante to show our visitors Alicante´s nightlife.We have selected the best local and international bars and clubs for you to get to know how we party! The party warms up at Hostel Olé with drinking games and an hour of unlimited beer. Later on, you will get a free cocktail at the first bar, welcome shots and discounts in all the next bars, and VIP entry at the club, no queues to be waited. Depending on the day you are joining, there could be some extra things included!

About us

Our mission is to respect our neighbors, and the local businesses of Alicante by promoting good practices among our traveling friends. Alicante is much more than sunshine, beach, and partying. And although we do love these things, the city also boasts a rich gastronomy, intriguing culture, and riveting history.

We don’t just offer private tours of the highest quality, we also believe in an inclusive kind of tourism. That is why we offer the Free Tour! The Free Tour means that anyone, no matter what their budget is, can come, get to know and enjoy the city to the max, and at the end of the tour they are free to decide how much the tour was worth. 


This is a local Project, sustained by born and bread alicantenean official guides. We only operate in Alicante and we understand that a city is in constant change and development, and we want to be part of a positive change in the tourism industry, and in the great city of Alicante. By offering a different kind of tourism, we want to take care of the city that takes care of us!!

This is why we colaborate only with other local bussinesses and we offer tours to local hightschools to try to promote our history among the young alicanteneans. We also see it as our responsibility to help the less fortunate parts of our city. So we also support a local non-profit organization Despensa Solidaria, commited to helping less fortunate families through food drives, and also by expanding awareness about poverty in the city.


Alicante´s visitors have rated us as the best Free Tour on Trip Advisor.

And other companies as Holiday Extras Travel Guides have chosen us to promote the city! You can watch their video here.

We´ve been also in the local newspapers

And some bloggers have recommended us as one of the Best things to do in Alicante.


We introduced the concept of the Free Tour in the city of Alicante in March 2016. Do not settle for less than the authentic!

Meeting Point 

All our tours (but the Alicante Pub Crawl) start at the 1st of La Explanada de España, in front of the Peret ice cream parlour. Please check the map for more details!

Explanada de España nº1

Tel. (+34) 616750608

Look for the Purple Umbrella

The guides

We only work with born and bread alicantenean official guides. All of the guides have been living and guiding abroad, giving them the language and personal skills to provide the best tours ever! We love Alicante and we would love to show you the Alicante we love!


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María, born and bread in Alicante, studied Tourism and Communication. She spent several years travelling and living in different countries. She has worked as a guide in Dublin, Madrid, Edinburgh and Barcelona, but she missed her hometown and its amazing weather. Therefore, she decided to come back home to share her passion for what she says is the best city in the world: Alicante.


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David  has spent much time in Madrid and Malaga and lived in London for six and a half years, where he started his journey as a touristic guide. He studied Journalism and he has been working in media for more than 10 years. He is now permanently living in Alicante, city that he knows perfectly because even if he was born in Vizcaya, he used to spend the summers with his family in Costa Blanca from a very early age. He is passionate about sports, travelling and history and enjoys showing the visitors the beauty of our city.


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Sergio, born and raised in Torrevieja (a town in Alicante region), got interested in tourism when he was 14. He was going to do a tourism course but ended up studying the degree of Tourism in the University of Alicante. There, he discovered his true passion: to work as a tour guide. Then, he got two tourism guide post-degrees and obtained the qualification of official guide in the Region of Valencia. He worked from time to time in Alicante, but destiny sent him to guide in Budapest.

Now, back at home and full of energy, he wants to show the visitors the beautiful city of Alicante and its history. Let him guide you, you will not regret it!


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Alba was born in Alicante, and studied Tourism and Journalism. After taking the license to work as a local guide in the Region of Valencia and the Community of Aragon, she worked as a press technician, copywriter and Community Manager. She also worked as a tour guide in Budapest (Hungary) for one year.

In her free time Alba likes writing novels, short stories, and runs a blog about cinema and literature. She never stops studying and learning new things: She is very active!


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A mix of many nationalities due to his multicultural family. He grew up in Alicante, however, life took him to experience and live in many other places. From Italy, France and even Colombia, all the way to Australia, living life to the fullest.
Now he’s back in Alicante to share the passion he feels for his beautiful hometown.


We are local guides from Alicante, but we all have been living and guiding in different countries, therefore we have a bunch of friends not only in Alicante, but around the world. If you enjoyed our tours check out the companies we recommend, you will not regret!


One of our main aims is to promote the city of Alicante and our local businesses, encouraging our customers to avoid chains ans franchices. Not only because we want to suppor local entrepeneurs, but also because we believe that the best way to discover the city is with a local. We want you to discover the Alicante we love!


Show our map for a free treat!

30 y tantos

Local and Spanish food. Very worth  “meal of the day” during the week! You will not regret!


Tapas! A local place with andalucian roots, fantastic food (do not miss their croquettes) and very good prices.

Plaza Canalla

Spanish food with a modern touch, beautiful location and good quality food.


Traditional turrón shop established in 1890, you cannot leave Alicante without trying their turrón.

Local Companies

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Alicante Pub Crawl

Fiesta! Alicante´s amazing nightlife on a pubcrawl. Fantastic people, even better deals! Use the promotion code FWTALCfor a 15% off!

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Ali Oli Tours

Alicante is much more than sun and beach, even if we do well with them too! If you want to discover our region, our gastronomy and culture, check out Ali Oli Tours! Use the promotion code PROMO7 for a 5% off!


Blue Bike

One of the best ways of discovering Alicante´s coast is by bike, if you literally need a ride, talk to this guys! Use the promotion code BICIAZUL18 for a 15% off!

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Luceros 16

Flamenco, the most famous Spanish dance! 12€ show with a drink! What are you waiting for? Use the promotion code FWTALC for a 7,5% off.

Free Tours we recommend 

Here you have a few Spanish and European free tours companies either we have experienced their tours, either we work as guides with them before. If you are travelling to any of these cities, do not forget to have a look to these companies, they all know what they are doing!


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