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If you are here for tourism we have interesting information for you. From Free Walking Tours Alicante we have prepared a tourist guide to make your visit to the city as profitable as possible. Whether you want to spend a weekend or stay longer, we will show you which are the places that you cannot miss. Through the banner at the top, you can access the information that interests you most, you just have to move the images to the sides to access the different categories of the guide.

Our Tours

What can I do in Alicante?

In our guided tours of the city, in the end, our purpose is to help visitors to create a plan for their stay in Alicante if they do not have it planned and depending on their tastes. Later you will find a lot of information to make the best use of your stay here in the best way and make your experience as authentic and pleasant as possible.

The best way to get to know the city

As we always say, the best way to get to know our city is with a guided tour. We have both free price guide tours and flat rate tours. We encourage you to reserve one with us. We are a local company not a multinational agency, and we only work here.

What am I missing?

We will tell you the history of Alicante. This is important because although we have a lot of history, there are very few vestiges and so you will understand much better our way of being and you will have a more accurate perspective of what the city is like.


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We uncover the history, legends and secrets of Alicante’s turbulent past. But we don’t just cover the past! Alicante also boasts a bustling cultural and gastronomic scene. We’ll keep you up to date on all the goings on and good places to eat, drink and dance the night away.


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During the nineteenth century, Alicante was a military city, an important gateway to the rest of Spain. Its strategic position has been crucial to its history and the reason why the city has been attacked so many times. However, the city of Alicante was never considered conquered until the castle of Santa Barbara was officially taken.

The castle has witnessed invasions, uprisings, betrayals, explosions and imprisonments during its more than a thousand years of history.

Join us and discover Santa Barbara Castle, a crucial part of understanding the city and its history!


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A step away from the most touristic area of ​​Alicante we find the Barrio de Santa Cruz. A mystical neighborhood, with beautiful white houses and colorful flowers that adorn the balconies. The wild, the traditional and the bohemian of Alicante mix in a few streets.

The streets in Mount Benacantil that are unknown to both visitors and locals. During this tour we walk around the old town and the most picturesque neighborhoods of Alicante at dusk. At night the streets are quiet, the silence is breathed and transports us to the old Alicante.


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Alicante gastronomy is one of the best gastronomies in the Mediterranean. It is marked by three main factors: the climate, the different ecosystems and the historical influences. During this gourmet visit, our guides will explain the influence of these aspects along with other legends and stories, while you taste some of the best Alicante Denomination of Origin products.


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Nueva Tabarca, or Tabarca for friends, is the smallest inhabited island in the Mediterranean. It’s the first nature reserve in all of Spain, declared a historic-artistic complex due to the beauty of its walls and heritage, a special protection area for birds and a place of community interest by the European Union. The island of a thousand names, inspiration for artists and poets, star of film shoots, paradise in the form of an island. Tabarca is one of the prides of Alicante. Both locals and visitors fall in love with it thanks to its charm, its protection of the marine environment with dreamy aquatic flora, a snorkeling paradise; to its seafood gastronomy and, of course, to its sunsets.


In private tours we can adapt the tour to the needs of the group. The tour of the Old Town of Alicante is the one that we recommend as the first contact with the city. If you have specific request, please, make them to us. We can carry out tours with the theme that you prefer.

But, I don’t feel like doing a tour!

What a pity! But, don´t worry! We are going to give you lots of info, so that you can move around on your own and find the places that may interest you the most!  Go to the beach, eat, shop, party or whatever you feel like.

Keep on reading, we are sure you will find some information that you didn’t know which can help you to enjoy your stay in The best place in the world: Alicante!

Maps by areas and places of interest: cultural, leisure, gastronomy and much more!

Did you know that Alicante has several party areas that vary depending on the age and the time? Did you know that we have an alternative nightlife neighborhood?
Well, on this map you will see those different areas, restaurants and much more.

Click here to download the map!

What to see?

If you have already seeing the main monuments such as the Town Hall, the Basilica of Saint Mary, La Explanada, St Nicholas Co-Cathedral or the Castle during our Free Tours, there are still different museums that you could visit! Most of them for free!!

 Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MACA) The Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante is one of the best nationwide, placed in a historical building. Free entry!

  Museo de Bellas Artes (MUBAG) The Museum of Fine Arts (MUBAG) keeps Alicante´s paintings and sculptures from the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Free entry.

 Museo de Fogueres Historical exhibitions about the most famous Alicanteneasn celebration: Bonfires of St John. Free entry.

 Museo del Agua Discover the influence of (lack of) water in the city of Alicante. The Museum stands out for containing a great educational and informative offer, where water is the protagonist. Free entrance.

 Museo Arqueológico de Alicante (MARQ) Our fantastic Archaeological Museum is a project conceived and developed aiming of being the best archaeological museum of the 21st century.

Alicante by areas

Alicante has different leisure areas within the city centre. Find the area that suits you the best. We have plenty choose from…

B El Barrio

The Old Town changes at night. Small pubs with different kind of music where the young party mainly from 00:00 to 3:00.

 C Castaños

Plenty of terraces and restaurants, very busy on Saturday evening and night. All kind of ages from 30 onwards.

R Ruta de la Madera

Alternative and rock music. Beer, pool, darts and table football. All kind of ages!

S Shopping area

Not much else to say. International and national shops, including the famous El Corte Inglés.

P El Puerto (The Port)

When El Barrio closes at 3:00am, people crawls to the port to continue partying. There are plenty of nightclubs with different music.

Where to eat?

These are our favourite restaurants. It is also included below where to try turrón, horchata and other things listed in the “what to eat?” section.

   30 y tantos: Alicantenean cuisine. Delitious and affordable arroz. 


   Sento: Specialized on tapas, very well known by the locals.


   Ozú: Andalusian food, great tapas at a very good price.

   Chico Calla! Delicious mediterranean and local food, very authentic. A homage to our cuisine.


   Horchatería Azul Horchatería is the place to find Horchata. From 1942 providing Alicante with one of the best Horchata and Turrón ice cream.


   Luceros 16 Espectáculos de Flamenco. Música en directo.


   Plaza Canalla Mediterranean food. With a  terrace in one of the most beautiful squares in Alicante.


   Espí Traditional turrón shop established in 1890, the best turrón in town!


  La Favorita Bar Market food, original and casual! Try their menú del día (meal of the day).


  Al1cant1na Craft Beer You could see how they produce their craft beer and, across the street, enjoy it in their restaurant. Tapas, live music, and much more!




Rice restaurants

Tapas restaurants



Jam Session

Live Music

  • Blacky Bar. 

    Calle Villavieja, 6, 03002 Alicante

    From Wednesday to Saturday – Daily performances, every Thursday Jazz sessions.

  • Entre Bambalinas. 

    Avenida de la Constitución, 9, 03002 Alicante

    From Tuesday to Sunday – Jazz, Bossanova, Swing, Covers, Funk, Blues, Rock & Roll, Singer-songwriter concerts

How to climb Mount Benacantil

Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18.00.
    Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00.
    Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 23:00.
    Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00.

Lift / Elevator

On Avenida Juan Bautista Lafora (opposite El Postiguet Beach).


Price: €2.70

Minibuses / Shuttle Castillo de Santa Bárbara

From Plaza Gómez Ulla, opposite the MARQ, to and from the castle.

Price: €1.45

Frequency: every 20 minutes


The approximate fees from the nearest stops are:

Hospital Vithas Perpetuo Socorro:

  • Day: 4€ – 5€
  • Night and Holidays: 5.20€ -. 6.00€.

Mercado Central:

  • Day: 4.50€ – 5.50€
  • Night and Holidays: 5.50€ – 6.50€

Plaza del Mar:

  • Day: 6€ – 7€
  • Night and Holidays: 7€ – 8€

Meliá Hotel.

  • Day: 6.50€ – 7.50€
  • Night and Holidays: 7.50€ – 8.50€

Cruise Terminal:

  • Day: 8.00€ – 9.00€

Pedestrian access

ITINERARY 1. From the Town Hall, passing through the old town.


ITINERARY 2. From Postiguet Beach.


You can also check the Santa Bárbara Castle website to keep up to date with the schedule of events and activities and news.

Alicante festivities

Fogueres de Sant Joan / Hogueras de San Juan

From June 20 to 29.

Declared of International Tourist Interest, “Hogueras de San Juan” are the biggest holidays in Alicante. Its origin is found in ancient traditions of making bonfires to celebrate the summer solstice, usually based on old junk and useless objects. With fire as the main elements, they have an extensive program of events, with the burning of the more than 200 currently existing monuments on the night of June 24-25. These are made of cardboard and wood, serving as comic relief and a showcase for political and social satire.

February to March, variable date

Carnival is celebrated before the arrival of Cuaresma. The people of Alicante take to the streets with all kinds of costumes to celebrate and fill themselves with the festive spirit of these dates. In particular, the most important night of the Alicante Carnival is known as “El sábado Ramblero”. During it, people take the Rambla, one of the main avenues of the city.

Moros y Cristianos

Moros y Cristianos of Villafranqueza: March

Moros y Cristianos of San Blas: July.
Moros y Cristianos of Altozano: August.
Saint Nicholas, Patron Saint of the city: December.

The Moros y Cristianos are one of the most characteristic holidays in the province of Alicante. In the city they are celebrated throughout the year on different dates and neighborhoods. It commemorates the struggles between Christians and Muslims when, during the 13th century, they fought for control of these lands. The festivities include spectacular parades with colorful costumes representing the factions present during the Middle Ages in the fights between Muslims and Christians.

Semana Santa
March to April, variable date.

Declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest since 2022, Semana Santa in Alicante has as its central element the mixture of religiosity and tradition with the sea as an exceptional witness and the Alicante sunsets. About thirty hermandades and cofradías participate in these festivities offering a unique image with processions, music and religious figures.

Romería de Santa Faz

March to April, variable date.

Two Thursdays after Jueves Santo, one of the most massive pilgrimages in the country, known as “La Peregrina”, is held in Alicante. People leave from the Co-Cathedral of San Nicolás in the direction of the monastery of Santa Faz, 7 kilometers from the center of Alicante. There is a relic that is highly valued by the city, the canvas that, according to tradition, Veronica used to dry the face of Jesus on the way to Calvary.


December 24 to January 6.

Christmas is a time when Alicante lights up and becomes an ideal place for the whole family. A wide calendar of activities and events for everyone make this city a very attractive destination: Municipal Belen on the Explanada, concerts, Christmas markets, the House of San Nicolás… Living Christmas in Alicante is a unique experience.

Places to visit

Next, we show you the most visitable places located in the old town

Basílica de Santa María

Built on the foundations of the old Mosque of Alicante, the oldest church in the city.

Explanada de España

In addition to our meeting point, it is also one of the greatest symbols of the city of Alicante.


One of the most emblematic buildings in the city of Alicante and full of surprises inside.

Concatedral de San Nicolás

Currently the most important religious building in Alicante, which hides a magnificent cloister.


The history of Alicante could not be understood without its port. Centuries ago it was one of the most important ports in Spain and the Mediterranean. Wars, commerce, gastronomy; our culture and history are connected to the sea.

Mercado Central

The best place, without a doubt, to find good quality fresh food at very good prices. Formerly it was also the center of social life. (On Sundays only the exterior will be visited).


It is a great place to spend the morning or afternoon with children, as it has large areas to walk, run and play, as well as picnic tables, kiosks and cafes. It also has children’s areas, a lake, and artificial rivers that can be crossed by its wooden bridges. Also, on Sunday puppet and magic shows are performed for the little ones.

Address: Avenida de Elche, 109- 03008 Alicante (Spain).

How to get there by Bus: Lines 01-27-C6.

What to eat?

If you are in Alicante, try our typical gastronomy! You shouldn´t leave Alicante without trying some of the dishes we have listed below!


A mixed of salted fish (called “poor fish”), dried tomatoes, a local dried pepper called “ñora” and olive oil. It is typical in all the Alicante province. Perfect to spread on bread!


The Alicante turrón is famous all around the world. The traditional are made with almonds, sugar, egg white and honey, however, we have many different kinds! In the Spanish speaker countries is famous on Christmas, but in Alicante, we have it more often! We also make different products with it such as turrón liquor or turrón ice cream (do not miss it, mainly during the summer).

Arroz / Paella

We are sure you have heard and probably tried paella before. The paella is traditional from Valencia, even if nowadays you can have it all around Spain. In Alicante we have a saying that says: The rice grows in Valencia, but it is cooked in Alicante. Therefore, in Alicante we don´t eat paella, we eat a version of it (tastier of course, hehe) called rice (arroz). Do not miss it!

Embutido de Pinoso

Pinoso is a town in Alicante province. For centuries, their sausages made in the most traditional way have been the most appreciated in the Alicante province.


A traditional alicantenean stew made with vegetables, lentils, rice, sausages and meat, just a masterpiece! (foundable mainly during the winter).


Horchata is a drink made with a kind of nut called tigger nut (chufa in Spanish), sugar and water. It can be found in ice cream shops. We love it during the summer!

Artisans Ice Cream Shops


For those who want to enjoy the summer and cool down the heat, we recommend you visit at least one of the following artisan ice cream shops located in the city of Alicante. We assure you that the quality and variety of flavors will not leave you indifferent.

Horchatería Azul

Calderón de la Barca, 38, 03004 Alicante

Kiosko Peret

Calle Paseo Explanada, 1, 03002 Alicante

Heladería Borgonesse

Rbla. Méndez Núñez, 7, 03002 Alicante

La ibense

Av. de la Constitución, 7, 03002 Alicante

Helados Verdú

C. San Mateo, 5, 03012 Alicante



Turrones Espí

Alicante is the homeland of Nougat or as we call it Turrón. Actually during our morning free tour we visit this shop to enjoy a free sample of turron. Since it is a traditional shop (establish in 1890) and nowadays we have the 5th generation of the same family running it. It is located at calle Tomás López Torregrosa, 17. Traditionally it was characterized by being a shop of handmade nougat, but nowadays they also sell Alicante wine and liqueurs and gourmet products. If you are lost there and you do not know what to try, we recommend you the following nougats: Turrón de Alicante, Turrón de Jijona and Turrón a la Piedra, and turron liqueur, absolutely delicious (and dangerous, hehe) .

Herborista Cerámica Pascual

It is located at Avda Alfonso X El Sabio 15. It is one of the oldest shops in the city, with a history of 122 years. In it you can buy jars, dishes, pitchers, decorated and uncoated bottles, pots, vases, etc. In addition to specializing in ceramics, it also sells natural products and spices from all kinds of plants. It is just worth a visit for a quick smelled of the shop. It may sound crazy, but their spices can be smell from the outside of the shop.

Rio Design Europe

Located at calle de los Artilleros, 5, Rio Design is a store that offers as selection of jewelry and accessories from international designers. Here you will find hand-painted sunglasses, gemstones jewelry and other accessories made from natural and sustainable materials. It is a one-of-a-kind shop where you find very exclusive items. Provide them with the code #riowalkingtours and get 5% discount.

Calma mi alma

It is a small shop located in the calle Mayor, 31, (Old town). Their expertise is handicraft and ceramic products, you can also buy souvenirs, handmade and author ceramics. Alicante is very famous for ceramics and pottery, so a very typical souvenir would be a blue and white (Alicante colors) piece of pottery, like a mug or a plate. You won´t find here the plastic flamenco dancer made in China but original and quality souvenirs made in Alicante.

Fang d’Art Galería-Porta ferrisa taller de arte

Located at Calle de la Villavieja, 4, it is an art exhibition hall at the foot of the castle, founded by Ramón Cortés to promote ceramics.

Boutique 27

Located at Calle Villavieja, 27, it is a jewelry store where you can find handmade, vintage, and antique jewelry. All this with an exquisite design.


The stalls are is located along the esplanade (La Explanada de España)  of Alicante. In these stalls you can find jewelry and handmade clothing, plates, paintings, leather goods, brass, glass, wood, ceramics, shells and so on. The stalls are opened every day from midday to 20:30h, until 22:30h during the summer.


This market is located on avenida Federico Soto next to plaza de los Luceros, this market opens exclusively at Christmas and in certain festivities of the year, such as The Day of Sant Jordi or Day of the Book, Fogueres de Sant Joan or Christmas Eve.


It is located in the plaza de la Santísima Faz, behind the city hall, it is the best opportunity you have to admire handmade craftsmanship in the streets of Alicante and buy it directly from its creators. It takes place on Sundays from 10:00h to 14:00h.

Also, on the same schedule, in the City Hall square, you can find the flea market. There are stalls with coins, stamps and old and rare gadgets of all kinds.



The city of Alicante is not large, so it can be explored on foot. It has many things to see and many ways to enjoy leisure, but if you want to move a little further and enjoy other places in the province, you can use the following links. It is worth discovering some towns or beaches that are a little bit further from the city.  Mainly by Tram, we recommend to visit the beach Playa de San Juan and the towns of Altea and Villa Joyosa.  You will not regret!


Follow this link to plan your Tram ride. Just fill in the information about where you are and where you want to go and the planner will tell you which Tram line you should use.


Renfe official websiteIndicate where you want to go and also where you are (Alicante / Alacant). It will look for all the available options by time and price. You can go to many town in the province or move around the national territory.


Another great way to get around the province. Follow this link  to find out about destinations, times and prices. It is the way to get to destinations that other means of transport do not cover, it is worth having a look.


The cheapest way to get around the city and neighboring towns. Check this link to see all the lines and schedules. It is a good way to go to the train/bus stations or to the airport.

Walking beaches / Public transport (near Alicante city center)

In Alicante there are more than 100 beaches throughout the province, but if you are in the center of the city or the surroundings, we recommend these very well-known beaches visited by thousands of tourists all year round that, in addition, are very close to the center of Alicante or you can get by public transport.

Postiguet beach (Alicante)

Postiguet beach, located in the center of Alicante, is the best-known beach in the city, every year it is visited by thousands of people both from Alicante and visitors.

Muchavista beach

Muchavista beach is the most familiar and lively in El Campello. Despite this urban aspect, the beach holds a small natural treasure in which you can still see small fishing boats beached on the gravel shore.

Los Baños de la Reina (Campello)

They are artificial pools created in a natural environment. Formerly, they were rafts for fish or fish farms from Roman times.


For those who want to live a unique experience on our coast or want to discover magical and crystal clear corners, we recommend the following beaches or coves. However, these are further away from the city center and to access them you have to go by car or combined urban transport.


This is the most cinematic beach of all the beaches of Alicante. It is located in the area of El Albir, is a beach of clean waters and awarded with the Blue Flag. From there you can see the rock of Ifach, which marks the beginning of the Natural Park of the Serra Gelada. There is also a very easy and worthy walk to the lighthouse. It is a circle walk thought a mountain while enjoying stunning views of the crystal clear Mediterranean waters.


Between Cap Prim and Cap Negre, this cove is in the list of the top beaches in Alicante. It is an ideal enclave where you can enjoy nature in its pure state, it is also known as cala Barraca. If you decide to go there, do not forget your diving googles and tube, the sea wildlife is amazing, it makes you feel as the little mermaid diving surrounded by little fishes.


In the succession of cliffs that form Les Morres de Benitatxell, we find the Cala del Moraig, an authentic wonder of turquoise waters, open to abrupt stone cantiles of more than a hundred meters.


It occupies one of the last almost virgin spaces of the coast, it is protected by rocky cliffs. Kayaking and snorkeling is very famous there since there are many beaches and coves around that are only accessible from the sea. It is absolutely worth a visit since it is year after year listed on the top 5 beaches in Spain!

Towns to visit


Denia is a Levantine port city, which due to its wide catalog of activities and magical sites to visit, make it one of the most important tourist cities in the province. What to do in Denia?

In this city there are many routes and tours, but we recommend the guided tour that the City of Denia does “DISCOVER THE CASTLE OF DÉNIA”.

Dénia stands out for the famous red shrimp of Dénia, making the typical “arròs a banda” or the “suquet de peix”, so if you come to this city you have to try these typical and traditional delicacies.

Without a doubt, you have to visit the Cova Tallada, since it is a place located on the cliffs of Cabo de San Antonio, where you will feel a unique experience.

You can get there by car, by the national road N-332, exit to Dénia by CV-725 or by the AP-7 motorway, exit 62.


It is a city located on the Mediterranean coast, being one of the most populous cities in the province. What to do in Elche?

With our Free Tour in Elche, you can tour the most emblematic streets of the city, and learn about the history, traditions and legends that surround this city of Elche.

Learn about the history of the three World Heritage Sites, the Palm Grove, the Misteri d’Elx and the Educational and Museum Project of Puçol.

The best-known dish of the ilicitana cuisine is the Rice with Crust, although we must also highlight the Rice with Rabbit and Snails and without forgetting the traditional Puchero con Pelotas.

You can get there either by car (the A-7 motorway) or by the commuter train, (2 stops: 1- Elche Parque (Elx-Parc), which is in the heart of the city and 2- Elche Carrús (Elx-Carrús).


Benidorm is the coastal city par excellence of the province of Alicante and most visited annually by millions of tourists, both national and foreign. What to do in Benidorm?

With our Free Tour in Benidorm, you can discover why Benidorm is considered the city of skyscrapers. In addition, to know that historical side, of fishing roots and enigmatic that keeps the city of Benidorm.

You can visit several amusement parks, water, and zoos, such as Aqualandia, Terra Mítica, Mundomar, etc.

The gastronomy par excellence of Benidorm is related to the sea, since it is traditionally a city of fishermen, so its star dishes are the arroz a banda, fish casserole to the poor, the pebrot, the coca farcida or the cakes of San Blas.

To get to Benidorm you can go by car or take line 1 of the TRAM d’Alacant.


It is the city with more history and religious tradition of the city of Alicante. In addition, in this city has been born poets of great renown such as Miguel Hernández. What to do in Orihuela?

With our Free Tour of Orihuela, you can soak up the traditional culture of this city, as well as the great stories and legends that are related to Orihuela, and know where Miguel Hernández lived.

Visit to the different parishes of the city such as the Diocesan School Santo Domingo, the Cathedral of the Savior and Santa María, Church of Santiago Apóstol, Monastery of San Sebastián, Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, etc.

The typical Oriolan dishes are related to the garden such as the cooked with balls, the turkey stew, the paella huertana, the stewed beans and the most typical dish of the area: the rice and crust.

How to get to Orihuela is very easy and is that you can go either on the suburban train from Alicante or by car.


Torrevieja is one of the cities that collects more tourists in the summer season every year, in addition to having numerous awards declared natural interests of Europe. What to do in Torrevieja?

In this city there are many routes and tours, but we recommend the guided tour that the City Council celebrates towards the “Salinas de Torrevieja.”

If you go to Torrevieja you have to visit the Natural Park of the Lagoons of La Mata and Torrevieja, which are a beautiful natural place.

The typical dish of Torrevieja par excellence is the “Cauldron” (Caldero), since it is nourished by its fishing gastronomy.

The easiest way to go to Torrevieja is by car (with its own exit from the AP-7 motorway or Autopista del Mediterráneo (E-15 on the European car route) and road access to the coast is via the N-332).


It is a beautiful town with Muslim roots that forms a valley between the Sierra de Xortà and Serrella, and why not, also on the Costa Blanca, but what can you do in Guadalest?

In our Free Tour of Guadalest, we tour the historical-cultural past, as well as tour its extensive natural heritage that keeps this walled town.

If you go to Guadalest, you have to visit its numerous museums such as Antonio Marco Museum / Bethlehem Museum and Doll Houses, the Museum of Miniatures, the Historical-Medieval Museum, Microgiant Museum, etc.

The typical dishes of Guadalest are “L’olleta de blat” and “el Conejo con All i oli”, other typical elaborations with ingredients from the garden such as baked vegetables.

To get to Guadalest the easiest way is by car.


Altea is bathed by a sea of ​​white houses and shining domes next to the Mediterranean. It is the most beautiful town in Alicante and one of the most visited every year by both national and international tourists. What to see in Altea?

If you are a nature lover, here you can do many hiking trails through the Sierra de Bernia or through the Sierra Helada Natural Park.

The most characteristic of Altea, without a doubt, is its old town, since it has various viewpoints and beautiful and magical streets.

Altea’s gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean diet and is characterized by rice, vegetables and a variety of fish or shellfish.

To get to Altea, you can go by car or with a combination of trains, first you would take the TRAM line 1 from Alicante and in Benidorm it goes to “trenet” to Dénia.


Vila Joiosa is history, nature and the sea, so you can enjoy Egyptian pieces brought by the Phoenicians. A story that has always been marked by the sea. What to see in Villajoyosa?

With our Free Tour of Villajoyosa, you will be able to know the history of this picturesque town, as well as tour its old town visiting the famous Casas de Colores and take incredible photos.

The most emblematic of the Vila, would be the chocolate, since here is the chocolate shop Valor and therefore, thousands of stories and museums linked to this exotic delicacy.

In Villajoyosa, a lot of rice is eaten, so we could highlight as typical and traditional dishes the arrós amb llampuga (rice with lampuga), arrós amb ceba (rice with onion) and arrós amb espinacs (rice with spinach).

To get to Villajoyosa, you can go by car or train, taking tram line 1 from Alicante to Benidorm.


Novelda is a municipality located in the province of Alicante, Spain, which is included in the European Modernist Route. What to do in Novelda?

With our Novelda Free Tour, we will guide you through this enigmatic town, where you can learn all kinds of stories and discover why it is included in that Modernist Route.

You have to visit the Heretat de Sicilia winery of Novelda, because you will find a unique and exquisite delicacy that is the Fodillón, the wine par excellence of the province.

The noveldense gastronomy is full of typical huertanos dishes such as Gazpacho (broth with chopped cake and rabbit), les Fasegures (stuffed with spicy minced meat), Gachamiga (flour cake mixed with water, oil and garlic) or Rice with rabbit and snails.

To get to Novelda, the best way is to go by car.


Tabarca is the smallest inhabited island in the Mediterranean, the first nature reserve of Spain, the island of a thousand names, home to pirates and fishermen. What to do in Tabarca?

The route that we recommend the most is the guided tour of the old town of the island, as well as its surroundings touring its walls.

The most emblematic of the island of Tabarca would be its coast, since, with crystal clear and turquoise waters, where you can enjoy a magnificent day sunbathing or doing water activities such as diving.

The island’s gastronomy is related to the sea, so its star and most typical dish would be the Cauldron and rice dishes.

To go to Tabarca, the only way is by boat, we recommend you go from the port of Alicante with Kontiki, which is the only company that makes the route Alicante-Tabarca, there are other departures from Santa Pola or Torrevieja.

Wine Route

In Alicante we have our own wine route with Protected Designation of Origin Alicante. This route offers the possibility of living with its people, enjoying their customs, contemplating their monuments and crafts. In addition to pairing their typical dishes with the best Alicante wines.

There are many wineries within Alicante province, however, we highlight the following:


“The Casa Sicilia 1707 winery is located in Novelda. In a farm dating from the 16th century and in which organic vineyards are currently cultivated with which white, rosé and red wines are produced. This winery offers guided tours, wine tastings and a restaurant to enjoy wine tourism in the province of Alicante. “


Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, was born in 1989 as a family business, but the project was forged in the late 70s, when out of concern, Enrique Mendoza began to buy, collect and invest in wine.

We currently have two wineries, the first one located in Alfaz del Pi where our wines are bottled and positioned in the national and international markets. And the second is located in the “Finca Chaconero” in Villena where our vineyards of all our varieties are located, except the Moscatel one in Alfaz del Pi.


The Bodegas Volver project was born in 2004 by the hand of Rafael Cañizares a trained winemaker and viticulturist by a family tradition of more than four generations linked to the vineyard and wine.

The pillars of the winery are based on the repositioning of quality Spanish wines, recovering old vineyards of autochthonous varieties, which either due to their low yields, or due to lack of generational change, would have been lost.


The vineyards of the Monastrell, Riesling and Syrah varietals are located in the middle of a spectacular Levantine landscape. Together, with the modern facilities, make up Bodegas Monóvar, one of the most prestigious wine cellars in the province of Alicante.

Cradle of an authentic oenological gem: Fondillón de Alicante.

Within the walls of Bodegas Monóvar you can breathe a lot of history and uniqueness.

Its interior treasures the hundred-year-old single-ring casks of an authentic oenological jewel of the Alicante Denomination of Origin: the famous Fondillón de Alicante wine, soleras that due to their volume, tradition and quality are the oldest and most prestigious existing of a unique wine with a long-standing reputation as a singular wine with more than five centuries of history.

The mythical Fondillón de Alicante, one of the few wines that have a royal Denomination, achieved great renown throughout the world, under the name of Alicante wine, as it showed references from, among others, Shakespeare, Dumas, Azorín, Dostoyevski or Defoe. However, the phylloxera crisis at the end of the 19th century caused it to practically disappear from the market.

Security advice

In Free Walking tours Alicante we are proud to be able to collaborate with the Citizen Participation unit of the National Police, from here we want to convey a message of tranquility, Alicante is a very safe city for tourism and it is thanks to the work of the Police that watches over our safety and our visitors.

For this reason, we recommend that you download the Alertcops application. This application works as an information channel between citizens and law enforcement agencies. It allows the National Police to receive alerts of crimes or risk situations, as a victim or as a witness.

Through this channel you can send alerts with images and videos to the nearest police center, communicate by chat directly and receive security notices sent by public services.

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manuel sanchez
manuel sanchez
08:08 01 Jan 21
Muy muy recomendable. Grandes profesionales que transmiten conocimientos y entusiasmo.
alejandra bardisa cuenca
alejandra bardisa cuenca
15:33 27 Sep 20
Soy de Alicante y la visita me ha gustado mucho. La guía, Andrea, muy simpática. Un paseo muy ameno aprendiendo cosas... de mi more
Maria Carla Quevedo
Maria Carla Quevedo
11:36 15 Sep 20
Excelente tour. Excelente nuestra guía: Ana María fue muy simpática con el grupo, se nota que sabe mucho y ha... compartido su amor por alicante! Recomendable 100%read more
Loly Arce Lopez
Loly Arce Lopez
18:30 11 Sep 20
Me ha gustado mucho Andrea que ha sido mi guía que nos ha enseñado muy bien alicante
Mónica GR
Mónica GR
17:56 08 Sep 20
Ana Ha sido una guía excelente! Dos horas muy amenas. Calculamos mal el tiempo para aparcar el coche y llegamos tarde ?... y nos puso mil facilidades para unirnos al grupo con excelente actitudread more
Filustro Rubén García
Filustro Rubén García
18:08 07 Sep 20
Una visita recomendable por la duración y la buenas explicaciones del guía de Jose. Lo hace ameno y entretenido, con... unas referencias históricas muy intereses antes que hace que entiendas porque está ciudad es así en la actualidad. Es una de las ciudades más antiguas de España, pero por avatares de la historia a nuestros días no ha llegado todo el legado artístico deseable por la multitud de invasiones y hechos históricos destructivos. Este tipo de visitas culturales en este ciudad te sitúa en ella y te permite conocerla. Gran trabajo de José, enhorabuena. Seguid así.read more
Javier Del Campo
Javier Del Campo
01:21 06 Sep 20
He hecho muchos tours en mi vida, pero como el de María, ninguno! Lo recomiendo 100%
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia
11:26 03 Sep 20
Una gran experiencia por la calles de Alicante y sus secretos. Recomendable 100%. David es un gran guía.
Sara Cano
Sara Cano
07:24 25 Aug 20
Ayer mi madre y yo hicimos la visita por el centro de Alicante. David fue súper puntual y flexible. El tour fue muy... agradable y, aunque no era nuestra primera vez en la ciudad, David nos mostró rincones que no conocíamos y compartió datos curiosos que nos hizo muy ameno el paseo y con los que aprendimos cosas sobre la historia de Alicante. Destaco la simpatía de David y el hecho de que el tour se mantenga a pesar de que sólo éramos 2 personas. Agradecemos también la recomendación que nos dio para comer, todo un acierto!! Lo recomiendo para conocer un poquito mejor Alicante y pasar un buen ratoread more
Laura Fdiz
Laura Fdiz
19:32 19 Aug 20
Ha sido un tour muy interesante por el casco antiguo. David lo ha explicado genial, repetiremos seguro ?
Jose Comerma
Jose Comerma
17:34 19 Aug 20
Muy agradable e informativo. Siendo Alicante una ciudad que ha sido destruida repetidas veces en la historia, la viudad... actual es muy joven y tiene pocos monumentos y contenido turístico caminable y comentable. Sin embargo, la guía consigue narrar un poco la historia de la ciudad a medida que se pasea por sus bellas calles más more
Ana Pedrajas
Ana Pedrajas
20:08 31 Jul 20
Ha sido una experiencia muy buena, el guia David majisimo y lo explicado todo muy bien. Muy recomendable.
Marcos Fidel Grajeras Alt
Marcos Fidel Grajeras Alt
20:51 25 Jul 20
Una visita muy interesante, María lo ha hecho muy ameno y divertido. Es una suerte poder llegar a un sitio y que la... toma de contacto la hagas con alguien que aprecia el lugar y te enseña.... Lo que no se ve a simple vista ?.read more
19:55 10 Jul 20
Un tour un acierto muy interesante y ameno, David es un guía de 10, repetiremos.
Carol Mf
Carol Mf
17:50 29 Jun 20
Quedamos encantadas con el tour que nos hizo María por Alicante. Nos contó muchas curiosidades que amenizaban la parte... seria de la historia. La recomiendo totalmenteread more
Paula Mª Méndez Ferreiro
Paula Mª Méndez Ferreiro
17:47 29 Jun 20
María ha sido muy agradable y simpática, ha sido un tour muy ameno que le recomiendo a todo el mundo, incluso aunque... viva en more
Viktorija Jonušaitė
Viktorija Jonušaitė
14:54 23 Jun 20
Nos encantó el tour que nos hizo Maria! Aún fuimos solo 2 personas y las primeros turistas post Covid pero Maria nos... enseñó todos los lugares más importantes de la ciudad y nos dejó sorprendidos por la historia de Alicante! Muy recomendable!read more
Victor e Inma Sala Sarrión
Victor e Inma Sala Sarrión
17:00 22 Jun 20
Muy buena profesional,
María Ruano-Zaragoza
María Ruano-Zaragoza
09:10 22 Jun 20
Nos mandaron email de confirmación, estuvimos esperando media hora hasta las 11.30h, nunca se presentaron.... Decepcionante e more
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